Are you new to WFH? Be secure and comfortable!

Remote Working Environment

Remote access service
Fast, easy and safe remote working
Wherever and whenever

Remote Working Environment

Remote access service
enabling fast, easy and safe remote working
wherever and whenever

Business Continuity Planning with AnyClutch Remote

There is greater interest than ever in being prepared for Remote Working in case of circumstances preventing travel to work.
Why not start Remote Working with an easy-to-deploy tool?

AnyClutch Remote will …

* Enable safe and fast remote connection, with excellent security and top class speed in the industry
* Help you set up fast with installation only; no capital investment required
* Provide strong support from AIR’s experienced and knowledgeable team, to help you leverage the tool

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Introduction of materials

Telework guide

The theme of materials is “remote access changes “work””.
Telework will become the new standard of business due to work style reform and with corona. We will introduce the issues and considerations for the introduction.

AnyClutch Remote Outlines

AnyClutch Remote Advantages
  • * Unique driver technology provides industry’s top remote control speed, allowing frictionless screen sharing in real time.

  • * Excellent security provided by twice the normal encryption strength using AES 256Bit authentication, which couples ASP Server ID/Password authentication with destination PC ID/Password authentication in a two step authentication method.

  • * There is no fear of information leak due to loss or theft of the PC, as absolutely no data is stored on the thin client.

  • * Remote operation is enabled for PC with vPro, allowing the user to power on/off the office PC from offsite locations.

  • * Remote access can be arranged by simply sending an email, which is useful when temporary access is required by the hardware manufacturer or software supplier.

  • * The use of RemoteWOL (option product) will allow the user to remotely start the server or WOL enabled PC in the office, easily and whenever necessary.

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