“Seize the Future we see in front of us”

Message from the CEO

Following the retirement of founder Yoichi Kitayama from the role of President and Executive Director, I have been appointed to take over the leadership of AIR as Chief Executive Officer. I am committed to developing AIR to further its successful operation, aiming to earn the respect of society and our customers through our contributions.

AIR is in its 37th year of its foundation. We shall design unique and innovative solutions that only AIR can create, and continue to work with our customers to improve our deliverables so that we can truly call our products and services ‘No.1 & Only 1’.

We have set up a new company, AIR System Solution Co. Ltd, having separated the functions of one of our core business operations, Contract Development Business Division.
We shall leverage the strengths and agility of the new company and of the organization as a whole, and continue to strive forward to make our contribution to our customers and industry.

Takeshi Mori, Chief Executive Officer
AIR Company Limited
July 2019

Our Mission – Innovate for the Future

AIR was founded in 1983, at the time when personal computing was just beginning. Since then, we have striven to assimilate and accumulate the most advanced IT technology of the time, developing many ground-breaking business optimization solutions for the enterprise market. One such example is AIRMAIL, the first IMAP email server in Japan.

Our current product offerings include WISE Audit, which is the go-to email archiving solution, used by no less than 2.26 million users, WISE Alert, a tool that prevents emailing errors, and WISE Encrypt, a searchable encryption library, to name but a few. AIR developed products are at the forefront of business activities in Japan.

Our corporate mission is for AIR ‘to continue to win respect from society’. We shall continue to value TRUST, work with customers and sales partners with SINCERITY and HONESTY, improve our technical and development capabilities further, and through the realization of FUTURE office environment, contribute towards the improvement of quality of life of our society.

Our Business

We provide high value-added service, by organically combining the efforts of our two business divisions.
The first is our Product Business Division, which develops our own applications and proposes leading software packages from abroad; and the other is our System Solution Business Division, which provides various services and solutions arising from customer requests. The customer benefits greatly from this organic collaboration of the two divisions, which marks out the particular strength of AIR’s business model.

Product Business Division
The division proposes advanced applications to provide powerful support for businesses. Our mission is to help improve the productivity of people who work in Japanese enterprises. We have been providing state-of-the-art business tools for many years now, by introducing the latest technology and products from abroad and from our own development team.

Development of WISE series of products is its focus at present, including but not limited to features supporting email security, management of printed matter, and encryption of data in cloud storage. We are also working on big data management proposals, introducing various tools developed abroad.

System Solution Business Division
The division utilizes our highly developed technical skills to find solutions for our customers. AIR`s strong technical backbone, built over years of experience since the 1980s, in database, server and telecommunication technology, supports our versatile custom solution development service for customers’ individual requirements.


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