Roaming user profiles – are you getting impatient?

Profile Management

User Profile Management solution, resolving issues such as logon delays, related to roaming profile usage

Profile Management

User Profile Management solution, resolving issues such as logon delays, related to roaming profile usage

About Simplify Profiles – Essentials

Reduces roaming user profile logon and application start time from 20 secs to 1 sec!

With the heightened call to change work habits in Japan, organizations need a flexible Windows desktop environment that they can operate `whenever, wherever, and as usual`. Allowing the use of a roaming user profile is essential in order to achieve this ‘work style reform’.
However, there are many challenges surrounding the use of roaming user profiles, such as the irritatingly slow logons and logoffs, the complexity in setting registries and GPO, loss of profile data, application failures, etc.

Simplify Profiles resolves these issues and provides a simple mode of operation via its stable logon and management tool.

Simplify Profiles Outlines

Stable Logon

Simplify Profiles divides user profile management processes, allocating pre-existing profile management to an Active Directory server, and roaming profile management to an SQL Server, to resolve the issue of bottleneck in network access to the Active Directory.
This means that there is dramatic reduction in logon delays and errors related to files and applications.

Simple Operation

Simplify Console, the GUI management tool, allows centralized registry settings and makes light work of operation and maintenance of logon and logoff scripts.

Suitable Environments for Simplify Profiles

Simplify Profiles will prove effective in the following environments where roaming profiles are used in a large user base or across multiple locations. For example, it can reduce logon time from 20 seconds to 1 second.

  • * ASP operators and organizations with more than 10,000 user accounts
  • * ASP operators and organizations operating from multiple locations, with 1,000 user accounts accessing a virtual environment (one Active Directory)

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