Large volume and diverse data integration – a bit of a handful?

Big Data Integration

ETL/ESB Solution for big data integration in real time at low cost

Big Data Integration

ETL/ESB Solution for big data integration in real time at low cost

 One-stop provision of optimal solutions for data utilization 

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Talend Outlines

1 IoT Enablement

The lengthy process of collecting and analyzing data from IoT sensors and other devices can prevent effective forecasting of downtime. Talend can step in to reduce the time needed, allowing you to forecast and plan downtime in a timely manner, before any incident actually occurs.

2 Marketing Analyses and Sales Forecasts

You can collect, shape and integrate diverse and large amounts of data, not only what you own but also published open data, crawled data from the internet, sensor log from IoT, etc, which you can leverage as marketing intelligence.

3 Linking AWS services and a variety of data sources

You can link to AWS services and a variety of other data sources. Talend comes equipped with specific components for respective access to RDS, EMR, Redshift and other data sources. You can even build Talend on an EC2 instance.

4 Integrating scattered data

Talend can create an ETL base for building and operating a data mart, capable of integrating various data sources such as files and databases that may be found in different locations in your organization. It integrates data of different structures, by shaping, processing and aggregating at high speed.

5 Integrating applications and web services

Talend enables implementation of ESB that can exchange information between systems in real time. As an ESB can be extended gradually and scaled up, you can start small and plan your expansion in your own time.


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