Do you wish to perform a Preventative Audit for Office 365?

Email Security

Routine email monitoring for Office 365 users
Archive-less, full text search in Japanese
Cloud service for email auditing

Email Security

Routine email monitoring for Office 365 Users. Archive-less, full text search in Japanese. Email auditing cloud service

Are you perfectly set up to search and audit Office 365 emails?

We recommend WISE 365 Cloud, if you are considering email audits for Office 365.
For example, have you come across problems such as the following?

You may be experiencing problems around Office 365 email audits.

o Can’t find the email that must exist in the system!
o Search speed is tedious!
WISE 365 Cloud implements AIR’s unique full-text Japanese search technology, developed and established in WISE Audit. It is offered as a cloud service supporting Office 365 email audits, providing high speed, high precision, thorough and reliable search capability, with a diverse range of visual presentation options.

    Tomofumi Nonaka, Senior Partner Business Development Lead for ISV and New Cloud Partners, Microsoft Japan
    “Microsoft Japan welcomes the news that AIR Co. Ltd. is starting to offer WISE 365 Cloud, their Japanese language email auditing system for Office 365 on Microsoft Azure. WISE 365 Cloud implements the sophisticated Japanese language search function which is well established in WISE Audit. As it complements the email archiving function of Office 365, users are able make efficient use of its high precision Japanese full-text search function. It is a unique solution, adapted to the unique Japanese culture, one that I hope will be deployed by many security conscious customers.”

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Are email audits necessary?

Today, should a serious case of irregularity or a suspicion of one arise, investigators who look into the cause are likely to order relevant emails to be searched and submitted.
Fresh evidence of wrong-doing sometimes comes to light at that stage. These circumstances signal the need for routine email audits, to detect and prevent serious irregular activities.
By conducting advanced email audits, organizations can avert security risk challenges, and respond swiftly to comply with the requirements.

* Price fixing, cartel, antitrust infringement detection or verification in retrospect
* Filtering and extracting emails held on Office 365 for an anticipated court case (Litigation Hold), in compliance with eDiscovery
* Identifying the cause in security breaches concerning private or company confidential information
* Monitoring and auditing emails of ex-employees

WISE 365 Cloud Service Audit Outlines

WISE 365 Cloud Overview Diagram
    Fast searches for large archives!
  • As WISE 365 Cloud generates its own indexes and integrates them for search execution, the time-saving effect on response time is greater the more users there are. Example: At a scale of 8,000 users, 200,000 emails per day can be processed for search without any stress.

  • WISE 365 Cloud search results
    High precision full-text search for Japanese language is here!
  • WISE 365 Cloud is equipped with AIR’s unique full-text Japanese search technology, tried and tested over time in WISE 365 Audit.
    No more worries associated with inadequacy of native search tools! Failure to return reliable search results will be a thing of the past.

    Archive-less: Office 365 environment stays as it is
  • WISE 365 Cloud uses Office 365’s mail box and archive storage: There is no need for redundant archiving.

    Configure and search with complex search conditions
  • Complex search conditions that are beyond the standard features provided by Office 365 are available. Automatic searches can be scheduled at daily, weekly, monthly intervals, etc.

    A variety of visuals are available for search result presentation!
  • Based on the history of an email thread, it is possible to show the relationship between the sender and the addressees in a Correlation Chart or in a Thread Format.
    Presentation that helps clarify the information visually helps your auditing task.

  • WISE 365 Cloud Correlation Chart
    Configure independent permissions for email auditors!
  • Quite separately from Office 365 administrator, WISE 365 Cloud gives you full control to set an auditor role with search permissions. You can also assign permissions to any department manager for a limited period.

  • WISE 365 Cloud auditor configuration
    Prerequisite and Prices
  • [Prerequisite]

    WISE 365 Cloud is available to users of Office 365 Enterprise email archive. (You must be an Outlook email archive user.)


    Please contact us.
    Note: 500 users minimum are required for your first purchase.
    Note: We advise that the user number covers the number of users/email addresses you may search in a single operation.

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