Emailing errors, email scams – Are these taking up your time?

Email Security

Alerting errors before emails are sent
No dedicated server needed. A simple Outlook plug-in that prevents emailing errors

Email Security

Alerting errors before emails are sent
No dedicated server needed. A simple Outlook plug-in that prevents emailing errors

A stitch in time saves ... emails being sent in error

< Outlook plug-in prevents human errors in emailing >

WISE Alert presents a pop-up window when you click Send, allowing you to check your sender name, distribution list, attachments at a glance. A very effective Outlook plug-in that prevents emailing errors.
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<Monitors human error and issues alerts>

Is there any end to emailing errors – wrong email address, BCC list entered in To or CC line and sent to all, etc, etc?? Wise Alert can warn the sender of such human errors with an alert.
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<Chinese supported!> Widely used in overseas subsidiaries !

In addition to Japanese and English, options for Chinese (simplified and traditional) are now available. We have many successful deployments abroad as well as in Japan.

<Emailing system agnostic. A strong ally in Microsoft 365 environment>

As the tool is installed on the Client side (Outlook), the feature works not only for your own servers and on your service provider’s premises, but also for servers in the cloud (such as Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online). No separate server is necessary.

<Effective in preventing business email scams and targeted attacks>

WISE Alert is equipped with functions that stop scams and targeted attacks before they inflict damage.

  • It detects cleverly crafted fake addresses. It displays a Red Light on the Alert window, which pops up before the email is sent.
  • The display alerts the user that a fake address had been used to induce a response.
  • When one employee has been subjected to a targeted attack, the administrator can issue a Forced Alert to prevent any further attacks.
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<ZIP Encryption to improve productivity>

A company rule to encrypt all attachments to emails may undermine your business efficiency, due to the time needed by each sender to manually encrypt files. WISE Alert’s ZIP Encryption function automates encryption of file attachments and also the generation of password notification, contributing greatly to productivity improvement.
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<Successful large scale deployments>

WISE Alert Outlines

When you hit the Send button, an alert window is displayed, allowing you to check your recipients and attachments

WISE Alert’s email error prevention feature is very simple. If the conditions match, it displays an alert window, allowing the sender to check recipients and attachments. If the sender sees no issue, the email can be dispatched; if the sender finds an error, the email can be canceled. The feature allows senders to take preventative action themselves.

WISE Alert’s Alert Window

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The conditions for displaying the alert window are highly configurable. For example, you can choose to display ‘if the email has an attachment’ or ‘if the distribution list includes any external domain address’

Presence or absence of an attachment; external domain addressee; number of recipients; are some of the conditions that can be used to determine whether the alert window should be displayed. It is also possible to display the alert window by default in all email sending instances.

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Wait Time to Send can be set, to hold an email in Outlook’s Outbox for a set period of time

Holding the delivery of an email is another way of preventing emailing errors. You can set Wait Time to Send on WISE Alert to hold an email in Outbox for the time set, before it is dispatched automatically. You can click a button to override the setting and send it immediately.

Automatic ZIP Encryption feature can automatically compress and encrypt attachments to an email

<Enterprise Version / Standard Version>
Email attachments can be zipped and encrypted at the time the email is sent, preventing information leak due to errors in recipient addresses and file attachments. WISE Alert’s ZIP Encryption feature automatically compresses and encrypts files attached to an email addressed to an external domain address. The feature greatly reduces the effort of manually compressing and encrypting files, and contributes to greater business efficiency.

Automatic ZIP Encryption feature

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Complete security measures when attaching files\

Solved the problem of “ZIP-encrypted transmission of attachments”, which is widely used as a countermeasure against erroneous transmission.
It is possible to deliver attached files more safely.

About change password notification destination

About attachment link sharing

Also prepared for the threat of spoofed emails and phishing attacks

Set in advance when to display the received alert, and display a warning message when the condition is hit when opening.

About receiving Alert >>>

Set “Warning if there are many replies or quote lines”, etc., and display a warning message if the condition is hit when replying to an email.

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Effective for operation rules that want to regulate the sending of emails. NEW!

“Transmission regulation function” that regulates transmission by setting conditions

Emails that match the conditions of sending restrictions will be forcibly canceled.

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“Send permission list function” that limits the recipients who can send emails

E-mails can only be sent to recipients registered in the allow list. The destination to be registered in the allow list can also be set by domain.

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A program that monitors the disabling of the WISE Alert add-in

This prevents the situation where WISE Alert is disabled due to a user’s mistaken operation and the user continues to send and receive emails without noticing it.

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WISE Alert is an Emailing Error Prevention tool that you can adopt at low cost

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