AIR Company Limited

Name AIR Company Limited

Post code: 565-0851
Senriyamanishi 5-31-20, Suita, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Tel: 06-6368-6080 Fax: 06-6368-6081

Post code: 106-0032
Roppongi 2-2-8, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 03-3587-9221 Fax: 03-3587-9238

Established 1983/8/8 (Showa 58) (Account reporting in June)
Capital JPY 94,255,310

AIR Company Limited
Chief Executive Officer    Takeshi Mori
Chairman                         Yoichi Kitayama
Chief Technology Officer  Koichi Fujino
Chief Financial Officer     Toshiya Fujimoto
Executive Director           Naoki Kubo

Sales 37th period: 2020 (Reiwa 2) JPY 1,560M
36th period: 2019 (Reiwa 1) JPY 1,380M
35th period: 2018 (Heisei 30) JPY 1,060M
Headcount 76 employees, as of 2021/01/01
Group Company AIR System Solution Co. Ltd.
[IT Products and Services]
– Email Security Solutions
WISE Audit / WISE Attach / WISE Alert
– Email Security Cloud Service
365 Search / 365 Alert
– Big Data Integration
Talend / OpenText Analytics / BIRT Spreadsheet Engine / Dataiku
– Print Management / Profile Management
WISE Print / ScrewDrivers / Simplify Printing
– Cloud Encryption Solutions
WISE Encrypt / airDrive
– Multi-Device Online Working Environment
CommuniGate Pro / AnyClutch Remote / DESKTOP+Plus / RemoteCall
– Application Virtualization Solution
Oracle Secure Global Desktop Software
– English fast-reading Support Tool
[Professional Services]
– Customization of AIR developed products (WISE series)
– Development and architecturing of systems integrating reselling products
– Support and consultation for deployment of reselling products
[Software Development Projects for Clients] (AIR System Solution Co. Ltd)
– IT Development (web, database, network, IoT technology, smartphone applications)
– Technical Service (technical support, system design, consultation)
– Research (technical assessment, prototype production)

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